Our software has very little upfront cost which makes funding the new web site far more affordable and will also help dilute the risk in setting one up. The business model is that you rent the web site off us on an annual basis.

Working in a similar format to a Bricks & Mortar lease, we also include the ‘fit out’ of information online and you pay us a very small annual fee. (See Pricing Below)

There are no long term tie ups, we simply ask that you commit to a minimum of one year and a small monthly maintenance fee and then you can renew every year there after.



We want to make our pricing policy as transparent and simple as possible for all florists.

Our prices start at €995 in year one falling to €795 in year 2.

This is based on a template based design rather then a custom design you simply pick out a design you like from our range of predesigned templates and we link in our software. Alternatively you require a custom design you may contact us for a quote.

All web site ecommerce functions remain the same for either design option.

Template Design

Year 1 : €995
Year 2 : €750

SSL (Secure Payment Option)
€100 (Year 1 Only)

Custom Design

Year 1 : €2195
Year 2 : €750

SSL (Secure Payment Option)
€100 (Year 1 Only)

Why Is It So Competitively Priced

We have built this software over many years and have constructed it in such a way so that it can be deployed and modified quickly and easily.
Put simply when you make money from your site and continue using our application we make money.

When you make money we can then recoup a more appropriate development cost through the annual software fee of €750.  We do not charge commission on orders. 

This allows you to greatly reduce the development cost risks as you can cancel in year two at a maximum cost of €995.
Please see our terms and conditions for more information on this.